Ariel-Nicole is a facilitator, counselor, and coach. Through her work, she has developed dynamic educational experiences. 2015-02-18 10.19.19These experiences have earned her several invitations to facilitate workshops for small and large groups in the community, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, private functions, and corporate training. Ariel has partnered with local, national, and international organizations to educate individuals on various topics related to sexuality, human development, relationships, and leadership. This savvy communicator brings a fresh, evidenced based approach to facilitation, counseling, and writing. She is currently developing a ‘healthy relationship and sexuality’ curriculum to educate youth about sex-positive, healthy behaviors, and makes decisions to be implemented in several agencies and schools in the North Florida region. Ariel provides corporate training, workshops, one-on-one coaching and other educational events. Visit Ariel’s site, or contact her at

Sheniqka Miller is a writer and journalist embarking on a new journey of self-loveand women empowerment. Her overall goal is to  spark a light that others can witness and feel inspired to spark one of their own. You can find Sheniqka on IG at @shyneqka

Favorite quote: “Either WRITE something worth reading…or DO something worth WRITING!”-Benjamin Franklin


Michelle Maxwell received her B.S. in dietetics and M.S. in Nutrition and Food Science from The Florida State University. FullSizeRender (1)Originally on a pre-med track, she switched into this field after realizing how big of a role nutrition played in health, especially in preventing disease. Michelle’s heart is in public health because she knows how much of an impact education has on health outcomes, and this is why her current passion lies in improving health outcomes in the African American community, especially among our women and children. Ms. Maxwell’s goal is to teach everyone how to make small changes that can lead to big results.



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