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‘FIT’Nomenal Woman Fitness Feature

Nov/Dec 2017 Feature-Dierra Lake

What got you into health and wellness?

I like to think that being so active when I was younger and participating in multiple sports led me down this path into health and wellness. I knew I needed good health to succeed in sports, so I was constantly eating healthy and learning what my body needed.

What do you do to maintain good health?

Lately, it’s been cardio and abdominal exercises. I also eat a lot of green vegetables like kale, lettuce, brussell sprouts and spinach. I usually put them in smoothies or saute them. As for skin health, I’m always digging for homemade skincare recipes. I love knowing what is in my products.

Why is leading a healthy lifestyle important to you?

It’s very important to me because I have a purpose to fulfill. I’ve seen too many friends and family perish due to poor health. I want to be that new wave in my tribe that encourages a healthy lifestyle.

What are some of your hobbies?

My most loved hobbies are fishing, modeling and cooking.

Notable health accomplishment you’d like to share?

I finally hit my 7 mile cardio goal!


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