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Jul/Aug 2016 Feature-Melody

What got you into health and wellness?

What really got me into health & wellness was an unexpected diagnoses of cardiomegaly (heart enlargement) at the age of 21. Prior to this diagnosis I was a healthy, outgoing college student and a US Army Reservist. I only exercised intermittently to maintain my PT standards for the Army. When I fell ill, I was unable to exercise and ultimately was honorably discharged from the Army, as a result. At this point, exercise went from being optional in my life to non-existent. When God restored my health, I didn’t want to take this life or body for granted. My outlook on health and wellness completely changed.

What do you do to maintain good health?

To maintain good health I exercise 4-5 times a week. My training consists mostly of high intensity interval training, weight training, resistant training and some cardio. I eat a plant-based diet, drink a gallon or more of water daily, and get at least 6 hours of sleep a night. I don’t sweat the small things in life like I once did because stress is a silent killer. Most importantly, I have a relationship with my creator.

Why is leading a healthy lifestyle important to you?

Healthy living is important to me because my desire is to inspire someone else to do the same. My desire is to prevent my family, friends and loved ones from needing hypertension medications or insulin and to inspire those that are already on medication to change their lifestyle so that they will no longer need them. I also have a 9 year old son who looks up to me, and leading by example is the best way to instill the values of a healthy lifestyle in your children.


My hobbies include traveling; being a military brat has afforded me the opportunity to see so much of this world, and there is so much more I haven’t seen. I love to cook and try new dishes. I absolutely love to hang out on the beach with music and a notepad, and of course my favorite hobby above all is working out.

Notable health accomplishment you’d like to share?

My most notable health accomplishment does not involve me at all. It involves my 17 year old client who was pre-diabetic and on hypertension meds when she started training with me. Within 2 months of training and following my nutrition guide she was off her hypertension medication!


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