Kolors by K-A New and Healthier Twist on Nail Polish

September 14, 2017 

Kalauna Carter of Portland, Oregon is bringing something to the nail industry that is much needed. After taking notice of the harmful chemicals that are common in popular nail polish brands, Kalauna took it upon herself to create something that lacked the risk but not the style. As the founder and CEO of Kolors by K, Kalauna offers a line of nail polishes that are a healthier option for those who are seeking something better. Kalauna sat down with AFIYA Magazine to share more about her brand and why she does what she does.

Kalauna attended Tuskeegee University where she majored in Environmental Science with a chemistry background as well as plant and soil science. After graduating, she wasn’t entirely sure what she was going to do as a career and ended up spending a great deal of time with her cousin who happened to be an amazing and successful entrepreneur. “She inspired me to think of something of my own that I could start or do,” shares Kalauna. “I knew that I wanted to do something that would be both beneficial and healthy to people, and I reminded myself of how much women love nail polish. Knowing that she would soon relocate to the sunshine state where the climate was much more different, Kalauna entertained the idea of creating her own line of nail polish. From there, she used her chemistry knowledge to figure out the base and identify what was needed to create the polish, and Kolors by K was born.


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